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After changing to fit into society, you are eventually going to want your old self back sooner or later

This. This is powerful.

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I won’t be happy until I’m satisfied with myself.

I’m happy people tell me I’m a good dancer, but the thing is… Until I personally think that I’m a good dancer, I will never consider myself a good dancer. Having ADD, its hard to keep things in my brain and remember. I WANT to major in dance. I WANT to be a dance major and open a dance studio (w/ half salon), but, and I don’t want to say age, I just don’t think that where I am now and where I will be in the near future with my inability to remember things as easily as others will do me justice with a dance major. A field that which I love and am passionate towards, but I personally I’m terrible at.
Thats why lately I’ve been on a search to find a new passion, a new love and something that doesn’t really use so much of my brain. I have the curse of being nothing in life. I give up easily and thats just my unfortunate nature. I never have motivation to strive for anything cause I don’t know what I would do when I get there. Open a dance studio? I can’t even TEACH dance in the first fucking place. Other than family and my SD United family, I feel like I have no friends. A good majority of my “friends” I feel like I can’t even consider friends.
I’m a people pleaser. I WANT to please everybody. I WANT everyone to like me, but I guess in the end its impossible.
Then even worse, I don’t know how treat the girl that I like differently cause I don’t know HOW to treat her differently. Its equally embarrassing. At my age, they’ve had already at least been drunk, “de-virgin-ized” or been through like, 10 different boy/girlfriends. I have yet to do any. People are like “Be proud that you’re a virgin! Not many people are virgins nowadays” BUT I’M 22 for fucks sake! *sigh*
I want to rant more, but I’m running out of shit to say…